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Monadnock A time-lapse film tracks the evolution of a city over a period of a hundred years, revealing the fact that the urban fabric consists of elements that alter at different rates. The buildings change very slowly. They form static structures that are able to survive several eras, uses and trends. Buildings are slow and constitute the solid material of the city. Similar to a Monadnock, the type of mountain that is formed by the disappearance of all the surrounding material through a long process of erosion. Only the hardest rock remains.

Job Floris Architect and co-founder of Monadnock. He obtained his master’s degree in architecture from the Rotterdam Academy for Architecture and Urbanism in 2004, following on from his study of architectural design at the Academy for Visual Arts and Design Sint Joost in Breda. He gained his first experience of working at an architectural firm during his internship at Christian Kieckens Architects in Aalst (BE). While there, as assistant designer he was involved in Interieur Kortrijk and an exhibition design for deSingel in Antwerp. Floris subsequently broadened his experience in Flanders by working as architectural designer at Architectenbureau Poulissen & Partners in Antwerp from 1998 to 2000. There, he was involved in the realization of the Tachkemonischool and two residential blocks, all of which are located in the city of Antwerp. In 2000 Floris returned to practice in the Netherlands, working as project-architect at Rapp+Rapp until 2006. During this period he was involved in a large number of projects, including the design and realization of the town
centre plan in Ypenburg, a large-scale ensemble of nine residential and retail buildings containing 486 housing units, and the office block for Social Services in Rotterdam. Floris publishes in various architecture and art magazines and was editor of OASE Journal for Architecture from 2008 till 2018 and involved in the issue ‘Codes & Continuities’, among others. He has held various visiting lectureships in the Netherlands and abroad since. From 2010 till 2018 Job was appointed as head of the Master’s degree course Architecture at the Rotterdam Academy for Architecture and Urbanism. Job was a guest-professor at the EPFL-ENAC in Lausanne, at the Laboratoire de Construction et Conservation LCC from 2019 to 2021.

Sandor Naus Architect and co-founder of Monadnock. In 2001 he obtained his master’s degree in architecture with distinction from the Academie voor Architectuur en Stedenbouw in Tilburg, having graduated from the Academie voor Kunst en Vormgeving Sint Joost in Breda in 1996. He served his internship at AWG Architecten in Antwerp, where he worked on the realization of a small-scale residential building on the Scheldekaai. After his study Naus returned to Antwerp to work as chief designer at the firm of Poulissen & Partners. While there he was involved in various projects realized in Antwerp, such as the multifunctional Hangar 26/27 on the Schelde, the residential block Cornelis-Floris on the Willemdok and the Tachkemonischool. In 2000 Naus moved to Rotterdam, where he broadened his experience by working at MVRDV until 2006. While there, as project architect he was responsible for the realization of large-scale projects including the Parkrand residential block in Amsterdam and the pop music venue Effenaar in Eindhoven. In addition to this, he worked on the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam and international design projects such as the 2004 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London and the Celosia residential block in Madrid. Sandor Naus was part of the three-man team that won the NIROV competition ‘De woonwijk van de toekomst’ (The residential district of the future) in 2004. He has realized several private residences and has fulfilled various educational functions since 2001, at institutions including the Design Academy Eindhoven and the Academie voor Architectuur en Stedenbouw in Tilburg.

Portfolios We are always interested in new talent. Please send us your application, consisting of a motivation letter and a portfolio of maximun 5 MB, and we’ll take it into consideration. We aim to respond within one month.

Collaborators Floris van der Poel (NL), co-founder of Monadnock and involded as partner in all projects until March 2009, Ignacio Zabalo Martin (ES), James Browne (IR), Robert Chapman (IR), Froukje van de Klundert (NL), Karl Tobin (IR), Jantje Engels (DE), Matthew Murphy (IR), Barbara Materia (IT), Antoine Kersse (FR), Mattie Le Voyer (FR), Rebeca Aguilera (ES), Alessandra Ienca (IT), David Lawless (IR), Neil Middleton (SCO), Shelly-Ann O’Dea (IR), Loukia Lhomme (FR), Sibe Duijsters (BE), Roxane Belot (FR), Hiroki Muto (JP), Xiao Liu (CN), Joana Correia (PT), Floris van der Zee (NL), Song Liang (CN), Hanna Fokken (DE), Carolina Bedoya (PE), Léonard Darbellay (CH), Alice Delattre (FR), Nick Chadde (DE), Oliver Nyman (AUS), Bushra Mohamed (UK), Sven Hoegger (CH), Ada Finci Terseglav (SI), Elena Balzarini (IT), Olivia Kossak (CH), Lukas Pauw (DE), Stefano Marzo (IT), Louisa Bauer (DE), Blanka Major (AT), Danny Nhat (NO), Karina Breeuwer (NL), Elise Oosterloo (BE), Ralf Schweizer (CH), Tara McKenna (IR), Michael Maminski (NL), Anna Jo Banke (DK), Vasileios Chanis (GR), Nancy Dantese (NL), Victoria Hartmann (DE), Jules Verhaest (BE), Simon Bergström (SE), Garance Weber (CH), Niklas Thelen (DE), Rafael Fernandes Trindade (PT), Kristina Delcheva (BG), Kaya Liffler (DE), Hellmer Rahms (ES), Filippo Gallone (IT), Fiamma Loro (IT), Géraldine Vlaeminck (BE), Marta Cendra Vilardebo (ES), Rabea Klein (DE), Hannah Pielow (DE), Juliette Gilson (BE), Undine Kimmel (DE), Matéo White (FR), Grégoire Bridel (CH) Francesca Celli (IT), Eli Aerden (BE), Jan Schwindinger (DE).

General Terms and Conditions All our activities are carried out exclusively under the application of The New Rules 2011 Legal relationship client – architect, engineer and consultant (DNR 2011), first revision july 2013, as filed at the registry of the Court of Justice in Amsterdam under number 56/2013.