The ArchitekturZentrum Wien organizes the exhibition and publication ‘Hollein calling. Architectural Dialogues’, which opens on september 20th. Among a thrilling selection of European offices, Monadnock is invited to participate. Curators Lorenzo De Chiffre, Benni Eder, Theresa Krenn state: “Hans Hollein, the only Austrian to win the Pritzker Prize and a self-proclaimed avantgardist in the 1960s, was a meticulous curator of his own work throughout his life. At the same time, however, the reception of his work was often overshadowed by his personality. The exhibition ‘Hollein Calling. Architectural Dialogues’ explores the Hollein phenomenon from today’s perspective. A dialogue with the positions of a younger generation of architects launches a reappraisal that brings Hollein’s work back into the current discourse.”

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