Utrecht housing project launched 24.04.2024

24 April saw the start of construction of the housing complex Bloei030. Located on the Berlinplein, housingcorporation Woonin and developer Wonam, are realising 264 mid-rent and social housing units in Leidsche Rijn – together with contractor Heijmans.

The complex consist of a linked series of three green courtyards and a mixed residential programme in two building blocks. A unique, integral residential concept for mixed living will be created. Including commercial and social spaces and a parking garage, a welcome new addition to Leidsche Rijn Centre.

A collaboration between Geurst & Schulze architects, BureauVanEig, Flux landscape architecture and MONADNOCK, Goudstikker-deVries structural engineers, LBP-SIGHT and Nelissen installation-consultants.